Brulene's Creative Inflatables

About Us

Brulene has been a leading manufacturer of inflatables since its inception in 1969 and currently has fully staffed offices which are located in the US, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. We specialize in the design and construction of high quality inflatables. Imagine the attention-grabbing power of a 20 foot tall replica of your brand or product, or the branding power that a point-of-purchase inflatable will have on potential customers. Over the years our priority has been customer service. We pride ourselves on our old-fashioned quality and service, making us the industry’s leader in client satisfaction. Through expertise and innovation we have demonstrated the enormous potential of inflatable advertising.

When looking to improve product recognition, look no further than Brulene to get the job done right.


Our Inflatables

Giant Inflatables produce the best results when seeking to create a long lasting visual impression. Towering above the crowd, our inflatables’ visual impact will surpass all flat banners and signs, and will deliver friendly and memorable exposure. We can customize shapes, materials, sizes and replicas to create an inflatable to your satisfaction that will promise results. Giant inflatables are versatile and can be used at all types of occasions including: sporting events, birthdays, trade shows, grand openings and corporate occasions.

Sealed Air Inflatables are mainly used at the point-of-purchase, allowing you to reach your customers as they make their buying decisions, giving your brand or product an advantage over the rest. Sealed air inflatables are the perfect size for give-a-ways and premiums, and a cost effective way to improve sales.